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The Unofficial D&D 5th Edition conversion for the Mass Effect Universe

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Jan 09 2018

Grunt Generator

A quick and easy way to create NPCs.

Dec 31 2017

Version 0.4.0

Minor changes overall, increased spell damage, and Armor sets.

Nov 17 2017

Version 0.3.0

Time for a weapon refactor.

Sep 11 2017

The refactor: So much change, it's basically new

Wall of text incoming!

Aug 15 2017

That ain't nothin...

A long overdue update. A brief recap of the play test and what's coming next.

Apr 26 2017

Version 0.1.0-alpha ready!

What does that mean...

Apr 01 2017

How it starts

In early 2017, I began listening to The Adventure Zone and became intrigued by D&D 5th edition.